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About Huizhou Vlink

Huizhou Vlink Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company focusing on the development of vehicle interconnected products. The development, application and promotion of our dedicated to dual interactive products. The company has the most mature automotive mobile phone interconnection solutions at home and abroad.

Based on the design concept of intelligent vehicle in vehicle network, our company developed Carlinke products in 2014. By adding wireless communication modules, we use mobile phone wireless communication protocol to integrate mobile phones with cars. And the application and development of the vehicle intelligent driving interconnected system.

We enhance the intelligence of human work and life by dedicating wireless technology, and create a convenient and simple way of working for customers. We provide all kinds of wireless interconnection solutions as the core business.

The compatibility of the Carlinke system is very strong, Android systems, apple system support, simple connection, after years of continuous efforts, Carlinke has become a technology leader in the domestic and foreign automotive electronics industry and well-known brand, and obtains the national invention and utility model patents.

With the rapid development of electronic information technology and the demand of consumers for the multi-functional and intelligent level of electronic products, a brand-new concept -- intelligent vehicle has been born in the field of automobile. At the end of 2016, we developed a vehicle mounted Carplay system, Baidu Carlife and Android Auto, which combined the traditional vehicle and smart phone more deeply, and established the interconnection between mobile phone and automotive media system.

Cloud link technology adhering to the "long-lasting development, unlimited innovation" concept of the company, carefully analyze each customer's needs, from its current status and long-term planning perspective, continuously launched feasible and forward-looking products and solutions. Along with the rapid increase of the number of customers, we should intensify our efforts to upgrade the system, increase business value and maintain technology in line with the principle of "start from humility and start from gratitude."

Since 2015, the company has already obtained a number of certificates such as the invention patent and the utility model patent.

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Huizhou Vlink Technology Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Velink Technology Co., Ltd.
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